Branding & Website

We partnered with the incredible in-house creative team at Koala to evolve their brand as they expand from an Australian mattress startup to a global furniture icon – without losing their uniquely Aussie roots.

First order of business was to create a custom word mark that retained “o leaf” mark, replacing Brandon Grotesque with custom lettering inspired by their product design principles.

Koala’s primary blue anchors a color palette inspired by Australia’s distinctive landscape.

We use color accents to signal different room collections for isolated product photography. Lifestyle photography focuses on bringing nature into the room through light and shadow play, and interiors that complement the warmth of the product materials. Koala’s team directed and produced a massive photo library that brought everything to life – even going so far as to hide Eucalyptus plants (koala food) in most scenes!

We evolved the Koala mascot to incorporate hints of their product textures and aboriginal-inspired patterns.

Koala has an incredible mission that includes giving 1% for the Planet, a partnership with the WWF, B-Corp certification, mattress recycling and more. To support expanding this initiative, we created a KEEP IT WILD trustmark that appears next to any products or communications that are directly advocating to Keep Australia Wild.

We launched Koala’s brand evolution through a robust website, giving them a scalable shopping experience for their rapidly expanding global audience, product line and mission. The new look is also spreading to showrooms around the world, starting with their brand new Koala Korea flagship. Cheers!



UI/UX Design


Creative Direction